The Canadian Nursery Certification Program (CNCP) started in 1998 by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA); a program to ensure nursery shipments from Canada to the United States are pest-free. The CNCP adheres to the principles outlined by International Organization for Standardization. The standards ensure certified nurseries adopt best management practices and exceed the current regulations in order to maintain consistent and reliable export to the United States.

Willowbrook joined the program in 1998 and has exported product to the United States under certification since. Involvement in the CNCP makes certain that our facilities are completely free all of quarantined, non-quarantined and non-regulated pests. This also requires complete compliance with the CFIA and USDA regarding any plant-specific phytosanitary requirements. Very few nurseries across Canada have CNCP certification. Willowbrook proudly has Phase I status allowing our facility to generate its own Phytosanitary Certification Labels.