MedallionTM Plants offer some of the most dependable product on the market today.

  • a unique brand of quality plants
  • a front runner on what is trendy and new
  • a large supply of the gardening essentials

Our superior plants are in Garden Centres throughout Ontario, eastern parts of Canada and the Northeastern United States. Medallion™ Plants are a premium product; supplying ground covers, perennials, vines, grasses, fruit trees, grafted standards, shade trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens, boxwood, yews, cedars, spruce, pine, hedging material, native plants and more!

Makes gardening easier with enough variety to keep the landscape full of colour all year long.

All plants come with a picture tag, maintenance tips and product description. Custom prices are an optional addition at an extra cost.

MedallionTM Plants offer it all; Garden with a Winner!