Medallion Truck

Receiving Care Instructions

Proper Care Techniques:

  • Water plants thoroughly upon arrival
  • Allow plants adequate spacing for airflow and light
  • Only handle plants by the container or root ball (if in a wire basket)
  • If branches are tied up, untie immediately
  • Do not subject plants to severe weather conditions (frost, wind, hail, etc.)

Willowbrook Nurseries Inc. will not be held responsible for any plants that have not been adequately maintained.

Helpful Hints:

Dormant Plants - If the flowering shrubs that you’ve received in an early spring shipment have no leaves, it is only because they are still dormant from the winter. Once warmer weather begins they will break dormancy and you will begin to see leaf development.

Winter Evergreens - The foliage of some varieties of junipers, yews and cedars take on a brown tinge during the winter months. This is a completely natural and healthy phase of the growth cycle. As the warmer weather begins and the plants break dormancy, the foliage will once again become green.

Frost Protection - New flush on most varieties of nursery stock is extremely vulnerable to frost damage. Please be especially aware of overnight temperatures to ensure healthy and vibrant plants. Of particular importance are Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Euonymus and other broadleaf evergreens, Hydrangeas, Perennials, Groundcovers, Clematis and Vines. Protect these items by placing them inside or covering with plastic during frost risk periods.