Evergreen Care

Evergreens cannot dry out! It is important evergreens be watered as soon as possible after unloading. Loss of evergreens can most times be traced back to improper or inadequate watering up to 6-8 weeks beforehand.

Overhead Irrigation Techniques

Trees should be watered for at least 4-6 hours upon arrival. A lesser amount is not sufficient to penetrate foliage. A good option is to water before untying the tops – this makes it easier for water to reach the root ball. Untie the tops the following day.

Trickle Irrigation Techniques

This works very well. Initial watering should be for 1 to 2 hours. The root ball must be kept moist.

Best Care Practice

Plant the evergreens as soon as possible or cover the root balls with a thick layer of mulch to keep the root ball moist and prevent from drying out.